Have fun getting fit in Camden

Sometimes even the laziest Londoner needs a way to burn off those pints and fry-ups

Sometimes even the laziest Londoner needs a way to burn off those pints and fry-ups and we’ve got some suggestions to help you get that booty off the sofa.

Improve both your fitness and stripping technique at the same time with a burlesque class at the Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club, if you can master the anti-clockwise nipple tassel rotation moneouvre after a few lessons you’ll be one step ahead of the amateurs at Itchy Towers. Or you could join the crazed loons on the weekly evening rollerskate around Central London or take a riding lesson right in Hyde Park just like the Queen does when nobody is looking…

If something indoors is more likely to get you off your sofa check out Bloomsbury’s super-cool All-Star Bowling Lanes. As well as lanes they have karaoke rooms and host club nights, so prepare yourself for an evening of bowling, boogying, boozing and all other things that begin with ‘b’.

Brace the freezing cold with a dip in Hampstead Heath’s open-air lidos (you’ve got a choice of men’s only or mixed swimming across four pools) or embarrass yourself in front of the too-cool-for-school dudes skateboarding on the South Bank. Or if that is all like too much hard work for you, do what the Itchy staff do and use dancing to burn off the calories. This can be done at any suitable night spot or even in the comfort of your own home…

Bethnal Green Working Men’s Centre
44-46 Pollards Row, Bethnal Green, E2 6NB
(020) 7739 2727

Evening skating around London
Various locations in Central London

Hyde Park horse riding
63 Bathurst Mews, W2 2SB
(020) 7723 2813

Bloomsbury’s All-Star Bowling Lanes
Victoria House, Bloomsbury Place, WC1 4DA
(020) 7025 2676

Hampstead Heath swimming. Various locations and opening times. See the official Hampstead Heath website for more information -http://www.cityoflondon.gov.uk/Corporation/living_environment/open_spaces/hampstead_heath.htm

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