Jobs in London

FitnessIf you’re looking for a career in London, there are many jobs you can go for, whatever industry you want to go into.

Fitness jobs

Many people who love playing sport and staying fit may wish to work in the fitness industry but not know how to get into it. One of the most effective ways of becoming a personal trainer is to take a course in personal training. These can easily fit around a nine-to-five job and offer you a highly personalised experience which works to your strengths. If you’re a fitness freak, why not spread your passion to other people with a career in personal training?

Entertainment jobs

London has a large entertainment industry, with several restaurants, clubs and bars. If you’d like to gain more experience or just earn some money while studying, there are plenty of opportunities to do so within the city’s many entertainment venues.

Many career opportunities

London has a number of city-based industries, including law, finance, publishing, journalism, media, PR and plenty more. With Brighton being one of the most creative and pioneering towns in the country, it’s no wonder so many people are engaged in arts professions.

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